Puppy Pre-school


Socialisation, basic care, training and good manners.

Puppy pre-school is the beginning of an exciting relationship with your new puppy. This course is to lay down a good foundation for learning; both for your puppy and yourself. VetSouth run puppy classes at two of our clinics, these classes are essential for the social development of your new puppy, as well as establishing a good basis for maturity. Our vets and vet nurses, who run these classes, use positive reinforcement methods to allow you and your pet the best start for your relationship. 

Aim of Puppy Pre-School:

  • Socialise your puppy with other people and dogs.
  • Discover what motivates your puppy ie food, toys, etc. 
  • Learn how to appropriately address your puppy’s behaviour
  • Modify unacceptable behaviours and redirect them to an appropriate behaviour through distraction and redirection

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Why VetSouth is a great choice

We're locals

We’ve been in the lower South Island for decades. It’s where we’re from and where we raise our families.

Wide network

We’re plugged into the Veterinary world and our team can call on expertise from all over the world, then deliver it locally.

Handy clinics

We’re close to you for consults, supplements, supplies...whatever you need. Pop on in or organise a delivery.


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