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We are currently operating our vet clinic under Covid-19 Traffic Light System - Orange. We welcome you into our clinics adhering to physical distancing and hygiene measures. Please wear a mask, scan/sign in, sanitise on the way in, and keep your distance. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you!

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Farming is what we live for. We’re specialists in production animals and lead the industry in knowledge & experience.


With some of the best known and most experienced Equine vets in Southland, we’ll make sure your horse is in the very best of health.

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Latest news

Catching up with Nikaitla Robertson

I enjoy all aspects of equine medicine but have a special interest in equine reproduction and intensive care cases. Working with a team that shares the same passion for equine medicine and ensuringRead more

Why Vaccinate for Rotavec Corona?

The Fletchers back Rotavec Corona to prevent rotavirus scours outbreak.Read more

Improving Milk Quality with a Pre-calving MULTIMIN Injection

New research has shown the benefits of trace element support precalving and its impact on milk quality.Read more

5 Takeaways from the 2022 NZVA Conference for Dairy Farmers

In June some of our vets attended the 2022 NZVA Conference in Hamilton - Dairy Cattle Veterinarians stream. After an amazing few days, with some incredible speakers our vet Bianca has put together soRead more

Refractometer Brings Results

We all know that when calf rearing, colostrum is worth its weight in gold. But why is colostrum so important? Providing the right amount of good quality colostrum as early as possible to newborn calRead more

Tech Talk: Get Ready for Calving!

Our techs spend a lot of time in the sheds, many of them have been calf rearing before joining our vet tech team, and have some key points they focus on for a healthy shed. Calving creeps around quicRead more

Metacam 40 and Improving Outcomes in Masititis

Metacam 40 mg/ml gives you the convenience of a low dose injection volume in a highly concentrated Meloxicam solution, making Metacam 40 the right choice for pain relief in cattle. Managing pain andRead more

Dairy Technology: What Is It?

VetSouth are here to help you with all your on-farm technology systems. You’ve probably all driven past a paddock of cows and wondered what those collar things round their necks are or the funnyRead more

Assisted Calvings at VetSouth: 2021 Data

With spring on our doorstep, we are looking back at last season’s assisted calvings.Read more

"Just one more mob"

A joke that our techs are used to hearing, except this time it was true.Read more

Lamb Mortality & Clostridial Deaths

To provide information on the level and timing of lamb loss that occurs during the first year of life on hill country sheep and beef farms in New Zealand.To determine how much of that loss can beRead more

Choosing the right clostridial vaccine

There are a lot of different clostridial vaccines available. When choosing which clostridial vaccine to use on your ewes or lambs there are a number of factors you need to consider:Read more

We are a member of XLVets, who represent the most progressive and innovative practices in New Zealand. Our aim is to progress rural veterinary services.

Welfarm is a country wide initiative developed by XLVets in conjunction with Fonterra to measure annual welfare and productivity.


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