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Going the extra mile to care for your pet

Getting any sort of treatment can be stressful for your pets, no matter how great our vets are! Travelling into clinic and being exposed to a new environment can also be challenging for some of our animal companions.  

Our purpose at VetSouth is to provide better rural veterinary services. One of the key pillars of that is supporting happy, healthy animals. Keeping them healthy, safe and content is our priority every moment of every day.

To help us achieve this, vet nurse Jess is hitting the roads of Invercargill to bring some key pet care services to you, so your prized pooch and beloved moggie can be treated in the comfort of their own home. 

Please note that submitting this online form for a mobile vet nurse appointment is simply an expression of interest. A member of our team will be in touch with you to confirm the appointment.

Book your fur friend in today

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How will at-home treatment benefit YOU?

Creature comforts

Your pet will likely be much calmer being treated in the comfort of their own home.

No car sickness

Instead of cleaning up after a vet visit, why not avoid the journey altogether?

Time commitments 

Working from home? No need to take time off to visit the clinic - let us come to you.

Avoid containment

No more wrestling with your pet to get them into their travel cage!


Can I book my pet in for more than one treatment at a time?

Yes, just let the friendly retail team know what your pet requires when making a booking, or detail any extra services you need in the last box of the online booking form.

Can you treat multiple pets in one visit?

We will endeavour to see as many of your pets as possible during our visit. Please let us know how many pets you have and what services they require when booking.

Is Jess available every day of the week?

Vet nurse Jess will be out on the road on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (9am-12pm) and all day on Thursdays (9am-4pm).

Can Jess bring out my pet's product order, or prescription?

Yes, we offer product deliveries as part of this service. Just make sure you tell the retail team when booking in, or add a note to your online booking request detailing what you need.

Do I need to provide anything at the appointment?

We will bring everything we need to look after your pet during their appointment, so you don’t need to prepare anything. If you have their pet health booklet on-hand, please pass that on to Jess so she can update it and check any relevant information.

How will these services benefit my pet?

There are so many benefits to regular pet checks and treatments, including:

  • Regular grooming and wellness treatments are a great way to ensure your pet stays in tip top shape and avoids any nasty parasites, skin conditions or weight-related issues;  

  • Monitoring your pet after any surgery is key to a safe and speedy recovery;

  • Testing/checking for important conditions can prevent small problems from becoming much bigger further down the line;

  • Keeping a track of your pet’s vitals can help ensure any prescriptions are still working for them;

  • Microchipping your pet greatly increases your chances of finding them if they get lost.


Get your puppy off on the right paw with puppy preschool.

Puppy preschool is the beginning of an exciting relationship with your new puppy. This course is to lay down a good foundation for learning; both for your puppy and yourself.


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