Meet the Lifestyle Team

Our Lifestyle Run is back for 2022, and we have caught up with the team who will be on the road, visiting your block:

Emily Chisholm

Emily Chisholm, Vet

Emily will be leading the team and is looking forward to supporting the vet technicians who will be on farm with you and working through your animal health needs. 

“Prevention is better than cure, and with the lifestyle run we can help keep your animals as healthy as possible.”

Originally from Dunedin, Emily joined VetSouth in Winton four years ago, after studying at Massey University. 

Taking her love of animals home, Emily enjoys taking her dog to the beach and riding her horse when not at work. 

Interesting fact: During Vet School, she spent two weeks working with antelope and rural dogs in South Africa.

jasmine gilder

Jasmine Gilder, Vet Tech

Born and raised on a 10 acre lifestyle block in Gore, Jasmine is well versed in working with lifestyle animals. She has recently been attending to more goats and is looking forward to expanding her work with pigs. 

“My favourite thing about my job is being able to work outdoors, with large animals, and be part of an amazing team.”

Interesting fact: Jasmine is a twin and has a collection of tropical fish! 

Annelyse Blatch, Vet Tech

A local Southlander, who made the move from helping small children (as a teacher) to animals, Annelyse enjoys the challenge of interpreting what animals need.

Having recently destocked her own farm, she understands the benefit of having a Lifestyle Run to ensure her small flock of sheep and cattle are still given the required care and vaccinations, without creating waste.

“Animals have the same needs, no matter if there are five or 500. We can meet animal welfare needs for farmers in a quick and easy manner for the benefit of the animal, while also preventing waste. 

“The benefits of a vaccination or a drench, feet trimming, or trace minerals, or even just a friendly face to do some work for you, can improve everyone’s day.”

Annelyse is currently studying as an animal technician through Otago Polytech.

Interesting fact: She has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia.

Tracey Chittock, Vet Tech

Another born and bred Southlander, Tracey is currently based in Makarewa on a small lifestyle block. 

She completed a Rural Animal Technician diploma at Telford University before joining the Winton practice. 

“Working with animals is my number one favourite job. 

“As I have my own lifestyle block, stocked with sheep, I enjoy the seasonal tasks like drenching, shearing, vaccinations, pre-tupping checks etc. I feel my experience as a lifestyler means I will be able to support you with your stock and help you meet your animal health needs.” 

Interesting fact: Tracey has been in the farming/agricultural industry for most of her life - from wool handling all around NZ, milk harvesting in Southland, to working on a 3,500 acre dry stock farm in the North Island. 


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