Abamectin Withholding Coming into Force

Abamectin residues are being detected in UHT milk products, which has prompted the Ministry for Primary Industries to mandate a new 35-day milk withholding period (WHP) for all single-active abamectin pour-on products.

The new rules, expected to come into effect from September, will affect pre-mating treatments and potentially pre-calving for late calving cows this year.

If an Abamectin is used in lactating cows, the following milk WHP applies: “Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded during treatment and for 35 days following the last treatment.

Treatment applied up to the day before this ruling is enforced will still have no withholding obligations. However, if you have an Abamectin in the shed already, we suggest making a note on the container based on this new 35-day milk withhold period. Don’t take the risk of having to dispose of milk or committing an offence under the Food Regulations Act 2014.

Alternative treatments are available. Please get in contact with your vet to discuss your parasite management plan, or visit us in clinic for product details. 

- Rachael Buckingham


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