Metacam and Sheep

An anti-inflammatory product that has proven results in the welfare and recovery of animals. So are you using it in your sheep?

Unknown ObjectDid you know that pain will reduce any animal's desire to eat? This will of course lead to a decrease in growth and production. Examples of painful experiences our sheep will go through at various times of the season include bearings, prolonged lambing/assisted lambing, lameness and mastitis. Did you also know that we have a long-last effective pain relief option that is licensed for sheep?

Metacam is a simple effective way to reduce pain and inflammation in sheep. It is a single injection that lasts at least 50 hours. Research has shown that when Metacam is used in painful situations there is a decrease in pain and inflammation as well as a decrease in the time your sheep are off food. 
We have had multiple farmers give it a go in the past season and have had some very positive feedback.

We have a mixed farming operation, sheep, beef and arable. We run 1870 ewes 550 hoggets and fatten about 70 R2 cattle. We don’t lamb our hoggets as too busy putting crop in.

We have used Metacam for one season and were persuaded by our vet to give it a try. It is easy to administer using a syringe, just like an antibiotic. I mainly use it when a ewe has a bad bearing, she won’t try and push it out again as I think the pain and agitation are taken away. I also use it if a ewe has a difficult birth, if a ewe is in pain she can be disinterested in her lambs, I found with Metacam, the pain is taken away and this doesn’t happen. I think it really makes a difference and is worth the cost especially if you can keep those bad bearings in, particularly in 2 tooths.

-  Angela Butcher & Grant Barrie (Browns Farmer)


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