VetSouth proud to support Meat the Need

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VetSouth are proud to be a sponsor of the Meat the Need charity, a kiwi based operation aiming at connecting the dots and getting New Zealand meat into our food banks.Unknown Object

Whilst there has been a need for a charity like this, to date, there has been a missing link between the willing farmer with livestock and the community organisations with the demands for a regular, reliable supply.

Here at VetSouth, we are Here for Good, which means we are here for the long term and for the good of our community. We are proud to have previously supported charities that benefit the needs of our communities and so do MTN. Our decision to become a proud sponsor of Meat the Need will hopefully allow us to raise further awareness in our rural community of the charity, as well as how to donate.

​The Process

We know farmers and rural communities are amongst the most generous out there. Meat the Need has the option of either donating an animal or cash towards feeding families here in New Zealand. Meat the Need work with Silver Fern Farms to collect the animal and work with them to donate the meat safely and regularly to community organisations that work to feed our most vulnerable and in need. So far, farmers have donated 3,023 animals (at time of writing) and are aiming to hit a target of 1 million meals… and with 667,755+ already donated, we are well on our way to doing so.

​Get Involved

If you are a farmer with an animal to donate head to the Meat the Need website and click on DONATE. Not a farmer? You can also donate money to help this charity continue to do its amazing work.


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