Transporting cows

transporting stock and cows

Ever wondered if a cow or calf is okay to be trucked? Want easy access to information about transporting stock? The ‘Fit for Transport’ app is perfect for you (it’s free)! This app was created by MPI to help farmers, transporters, stock agents and vets make the right decision for the welfare of animals in regards to transport. It is easy to use and provides information to help with decision making.

Check it out here: Apple Store - Google Play(Android)

Just click on the clinical sign or disease the animal is showing and the criteria for transport will be shown. It will also give you some information on what to do next as well as the potential fines you can receive if breaking the conditions.

For example, if ‘Eyes’ are chosen, the below information is provided: If you transport livestock with eye cancer more than 2 cm (diameter), or it is not confined to the eye or eyelid, or if there is any bleeding or discharging, you can be fined $500 You don’t need internet access for the app to work, so it’s perfect for on-farm use.

Search ‘Fit for Transport’ on the Apple or Google Play store to download it today.

If you are still unsure or have any questions, you can always ring your vet for advice. Late pregnancy management It is illegal to transport animals in late pregnancy, however exceptions are made when moving them from the run off, back to the farm. The journey should be less than 2 hours in length and precautions should be taken to prepare the animals appropriately.

Proper preparation helps to increase comfort and safety and decrease stress and potential health problems. Cows should be supplemented with 20-40g of Magnesium Oxide per cow per day 3-4 days before and after transport. Cows should be removed from green feed 4-12 hours before transport. However, they should continue to have access to baleage, hay or straw and water until loading. They should not stand on concrete for longer than 4 hours. It is not recommended to transport cows less than 2 weeks before calving.


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