Cow Scanning - Ultrasound for pregnancy

scanning cows at vetsouth

Full service for cow pregnancy scans

Why Scan?

Pregnancy scanning is a great management tool to work out which cows are empty for next season as well as aging pregnancies to create groups based on calving dates. Early aged scanning also allows you to get 3 and 6 week in calf rates which are key performance indicators for how your mating season has gone. It also allows for greater information to work out which areas need to be improved on for next season.

How scanning is done

Pregnancy scanning is performed during milking for rotary and in between milkings for herringbone sheds. We send two scanners out so that we can keep up with milking speed for rotaries and finish herringbone sheds quickly so the cows can get back onto grass quickly. We offer the use of our vet technician team for recording results straight into Infovet/MINDA for efficient data management and results reporting within 24 hours. We can age pregnancies accurately from 35 days to 90 days.

Scanning with VetSouth

  • Provided by Vets working as a team with vet techician (scanning 2 at a time)
  • Portable, state of the art scanners
  • Speed of service, keeping up with milking in rotary sheds, while in herring bone sheds start at either end for quick scans
  • Data directly loaded to InfoVet/MINDA, with quick and accurate reports by your KeyVet
  • Ability to provide further in-depth reproduction analysis following scanning
  • Able to diagnose any reproductive issues there and then (such as uterine infections, mummified calves or cysts)
  • Farm Services support for ease of booking and post service
  • Open to any clients (VetSouth’s and others) with no obligation
  • Part of comprehensive reproduction service helping you with your herd goals
  • VetSouth is local, operating week long, year round and here for the long haul

- Dan Cragg


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