How is your milk quality?

cows in a dairy shed milking

To state the obvious, dairy farming is about producing milk, and for the most part, the focus has always been that healthy cows produce quality milk. For some farms it is not always that easy, and somatic cell counts or mastitis levels can get out of control. Did you know that for about every 100,000 cells/mL lower your BMSCC drops, milk production increases by about 3 %?

Did you also know that a single case of mastitis is estimated to cost around $200 and can also hugely impact on conception rates at mating time? VetSouth has a team of vets and technicians that are passionate about working with farms that want to improve their milk quality.

The team works with farms that are having problems with bulk milk somatic cell count or mastitis, but also those that are not satisfied with their current milk quality and essentially want to raise the bar. We look at all factors that could contribute to a milk quality issues, including the machines themselves, but also things such as the milking process, the personnel in the shed, the cows, and the surrounding environment.

So if your farm:

  • Is grading
  • Wants to drive their bulk milk SCC lower
  • Has a mastitis problem, or Wants to reduce mastitis levels anyway
Then give your local clinic a call. We would be happy to help.

- Joel Hughes


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