Safe sheep transport

sheep transport

She’ll be right! Wikipedia described this frequently used saying as expressing the belief that "whatever is wrong will right itself with time".

This is a common attitude for us Kiwis, but when it comes to stock injuries, it’s usually best to play it safe. Recently one of our vets went out to examine an animal for a transport certificate. It had a healed injury, but there was no record of us seeing the animal for its initial problem. When it came to writing the certificate, it was very difficult to certify that the animal had not experienced compromised welfare at the time of injury, as we had no involvement at that point.

Your stock, whether they be cattle, sheep, deer or other - if they are injured, display any signs of disease or physical abnormalities that could compromise their welfare then it is always best to contact a veterinarian for advice when you first notice the issue. When the time comes for them to head to the meatworks, if there is a record of the initial problem this can help when assessing the animal’s fitness for transport. Give us a ring to discuss the issue, we really want to be involved in helping you and the animal get a positive outcome!

- Rosie Burkitt


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