Veterinary Services: Covid-19 Level 3

covid level 3 vetsouth

This week, alongside the rest of the country, we learnt about the transition from level 4 to level 3. Like many of you, we have been working throughout, and are looking forward to being able to do a few more things (always with ours and your safety top of mind). We know everyone is getting hammered with communications - so hopefully you will enjoy our wee video, and a brief update below.

What can we do for you in level 3?

  • On-farm - we can do most things except anything face to face - consults and training.
  • We now can also do things such as repro interventions in autumn calvers, routine locomotion scoring and tail scoring, and castrations and dehorns
  • For pets - we can now do some vaccinations and neutering - we’re focussing on clearing the backlog of those more urgent. As well as some minor and preventative surgerie

What can’t we do for you in level 3?

  • We can’t have our clinic doors open - we will still be ‘open’ but you will always need to call ahead.
  • We can no longer take cash - all shop sales will either be using an existing account or via credit or debit card.

Keeping supply in hand

  • We have what you need, and will continue to get these supplies for you. Whilst our supply chain is robust, transport costs are rising.
  • We suggest you plan ahead, and think about your needs. It’s likely that higher supply and distribution costs will hit soon.
  • Visit Vetsouth.co.nz to try the online order form
  • We have both a pickup and expanded delivery services for all clients

Our business and our team

  • We are keeping a close eye on how our business is managing, and as we had forecast we have noted some significant revenue drops across some key areas. We’re having to do some new things, some old things quite differently, and also carefully reforecasting to navigate whatever happens.
  • Our team and their families are paramount and we are committed to supporting them. To this end, following industry advice and with some comprehensive scenario forecasts, we applied for the Government Wage Subsidy. Whether we need this, or if we repay it, our priority is keeping the best team here for you: safe, sane, secure, and ready to work and support you. 

Our communities

  • We are and always have been locally owned, and we have a strong focus on our communities where our staff and clients live, love, play and do business.
  • We have been here with you for many decades, and we intend to continue to support you for the long haul.
  • We know these are difficult and challenging times, but we’ve been impressed by the understanding of our communities, and our staff have been thankful for the support they’ve received.
  • Please continue to help us support them, and for them to support you, and for all of us to support each other.


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