Why Rumenox?

why use remenox

Our dairy industry now has a targeted six week in-calf rate of 78%, which although achievable is currently a long way above the national average herd performance.

Although there is no simple recipe to achieving good reproductive performance, one product that is getting wide acceptance as a tool for helping improve fertility is Rumenox.

Rumenox is a rumen modifier. When administered to cows they will produce more energy, regardless of the time of year it is used.

This extra energy can be used to improve reproductive performance through both improving cow condition and reducing ketosis. A range of controlled studies show the effect of Rumenox on cow health.

Recent Dairy NZ studies show 65-80% of New Zealand dairy herds tested are affected by sub-clinical ketosis. This disease has now been strongly linked to increased endometritis and a staggering 7% reduction in six week in-calf rates.

Rumenox significantly reduces ketosis with studies consistently showing a 30-40% reduction in the disease.

Administering Rumenox

Rumenox is available as a water-soluble granule for use through in-line dispensers (e.g. dosatron) or as a premix designed for mixing into concentrate feed or molasses.

Rumenox is also a very effective bloat control product.

- Aaron Gill


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