Where do you want to be this repro season?

dairy repro numbers

We all know the value of a successful repro season, where you can increase your in-calf rate, condense the calving period and get the production targets you want. So we have things to think about, and some targets you can consider - to discuss your farm situation call your KeyVet to discuss.

How many metabolic/down cows?


Hopefully less than 3% needed treated - mark them and plan to support them through reproduction. If you have more than this call your vet to discuss a potential plan.

How many left to calve?


By the end of Sept we hope you are getting well through - ideally with less than 5% left to go. Condensing your calving pays off throughout your farm, and it all starts with mating intervention plan.

What's their Body Condition Score?

4.5+ BCS

After calving, getting the girls ready to go for mating - we recommend targeting 4.5+ BCS. Remember each additional 3kg DM/Cow/Day can reduce the anoestrus interval by around 3 days.

How many might have Endometritis?

100% Checked

Endometritis results in lower conception and 6-week in calf rates, higher empty rates of up to 30% and if they do get pregnant it can take 2 to 3 weeks longer than cows without endometritis. We recommend you metrichecking your entire herd.

How many in heat?

65% by day 25 of heat detection

Identifying your non-cyclers is key, its important to start with a good mineral status (Se and Cu), are clean, no endometritis and mark the late calvers. Then get onto heat detection with tail paint and if you want to treat non-cyclers get the plan together for early intervention.

What to do with non-cyclers?

Develop a mating intervention plan

There are a few options here, and they need to be right for you and your herd goals (including the use or CiDRS, GnRH, PG, and eCG). A good plan will get you closer to your goals.

How many each day?

>4% each day

Through mating, everyday look to get over 4% submission - to get goal of 90% submission rate by 21 days.

- Mark Bryan


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