Get your Info on Track - make it easier and more accurate with Infovet

benefits of using infovet

Over 60% of our clients have signed up to Infovet, to realise the benefit of getting better data and easier for their herd health management.

Infovet is an innovative software programme developed here in New Zealand to improve farm performance. By using Infovet (with you granting permission) we can provide you with a wealth of data, allowing accurate insights into herd health to drive farm profitability. The efficient nature of the system reduces the need for time consuming paperwork. Infovet assists with all aspects of dairy practice, from individual cow medicine through to herd health monitoring and investigations.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Easy access for vets to your data (including scanning, body condition and tail scoring, non-cycling treatments) by individual cow, so in turn easy access for you.
  • Creates data in conjunction with other sources (MINDA, Fencepost, Lab reports) so we can best measure, review and analyse your performance to prepare for next season. Key areas for analysis include reproduction, mastitis, BCS/Tail scoring, health event incidence, milk production and product purchasing.
  • Benchmarking against other farms in the key herd health areas of reproduction and mastitis, to see where you sit in relation to your peers, and what is achievable in our local area. As always your individual information will be confidential to your vet.
  • Gets you ahead of the game for improved performance and profitability - particularly with earlier problem analysis alerting you to issues. Similarly reproduction performance is enhanced through analysis of data and understanding of impacts of interventions.
  • It is free, so you get better access to data for reviewing and planning, for no cost.

How to sign up?

To sign up (it's no cost), let your vet or our farm services support team know and we can send you the form and get it done. Email: farm.services@vetsouth.co.nz



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