Quarantine Drenching: Rams

drench rams

Remembering to quarantine drench rams when they come on farm can be the biggest advantage to avoiding drench resistance.

Creating worms resistant to drench takes time and we know there are lots of things we can do to slow it down as much as possible.

In fact, the most likely way for drench resistance to fast track on your farm is to inadvertently buy it in. Any livestock brought on to your farm can be carrying problems you have been working to avoid. While store lambs and replacement hoggets are pretty routinely given quarantine drenching. Rams are often forgotten.

Being usually fit healthy males in their prime the thought they may be carrying drench resistant worms on board is often overlooked. They usually arrive in small numbers too from a sale or delivered by the stud. The best option is an immediate drench on arrival with a novel quarantine drench and then remaining isolated for at least a couple of days to empty out any eggs etc before hitting any paddocks where your flock or lambs might graze.

The shop is carrying special small packs of novel quarantine drench for rams so you don’t have to buy a full drum just for them.

Contact your nearest clinic to work out the best option for you and your farm.

-  Vince Sharpe


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