Why use Knockout Drench?

Drenching a sheep

By introducing a Knockout Drench into your drenching schedule, you can combat drench resistant worms that have multiplied over the warmer months.

Like most things in life, farming seems to be getting more complex rather than simple. You could say the same when it comes to drenching your lambs. As our knowledge of drench resistance continues to expand, as do the recommendations for using drenches in the best possible way. One way we can help reduce the build-up of resistant parasites is through the use of a Knockout Drench.

Just as the name suggests, Knockout Drenching refers to the use of a drench that is most likely to remove resistant worms that are present in an animal population. It involves using a novel drench in replacement of your normal double or triple drench product at the regular drenching interval period. Often we would use this kind of drench in lambs in the early autumn period who have had regular oral drenching since weaning.

In sheep, there are two products we class as novel drenches; Zolvix Plus and Startect. Both of these drenches contain actives that are different to the common double and triple combination drenches on the market.

As we move through summer and approach the Autumn period, conditions improve for larvae to survive and thus we often see a rise in larvae levels on pasture during this time. This is why we recommend drenching with a novel in the late February/March period to help reduce the impact of resistant worms that have multiplied over the summer period.

It is important that ALL lambs are drenched when giving a knockout drench.

Below is an example of a drenching programme we may use for lambs in Southland;

For those of you on lifestyle blocks with 30 lambs, the thought of purchasing a whole drum of Zolvix Plus may seem like a large financial burden to you. Thankfully, we now have the option to draw off smaller quantities of Zolvix Plus at both our Winton and Gore clinics. This means that every flock great and small is able to practice gold standard drenching on their property.

Come in and talk with our friendly team members about your drenching options.

- Penny Wallace


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