Working Dog: Pre-season Checklist

working dog pre-season check

Many of you opted in for our Working Dog Run this winter, a programme where our vets and nurses came out and gave your dog team a Warrant of Fitness. Your team is an important asset in the yards and out in the paddock, so planning ahead with their health is essential.

So while we understand you are busy with spring on the farm, it's worthwhile making sure you have a plan for your working dogs' health this coming season. Your main workers benefit from a solid strategy covering parasites, vaccinations and nutrition.

  • Attend to any current or pre-existing health condition now - eg lameness, osteoarthritis, skin disease, skin and mammary gland tumours, ear infections, broken or abscessed teeth.
  • Review the status of the internal parasite control programme your dogs are on for treatment of roundworm and tapeworm that damage their health and for the control and management of sheep measles (Taenia ovis) in your stock.
  • Check the vaccination status of your team. This can be especially important if you work across several properties or you expect to have casual shepherds or contractors with their own dogs come onto your farm.
  • Plan preventative treatment for external parasites (fleas, mites, lice, ticks).
  • Review your dog food choice and have products on hand before getting too busy in the spring. Note that we can deliver supplies to your farm.

- Hugh Hasselman


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