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covexin 10
Clostridial disease is an easily preventable deadly disease in cattle and sheep. We know vaccination works really well in preventing death in animals. Last season we introduced the use of Covexin 10 at disbudding time. This year, this is on offer again.

What is it?

It is a New Zealand made vaccine covering the most common 10 types of clostridial bacteria. It gives your calves a broader spectrum of cover from these deadly bacteria however, there is no Lepto coverage in this vaccine. 

I usually use 7 in 1, what’s the difference?

7 in 1 covers 5 strains of clostridial disease and 2 strains of Lepto, Covexin 10 covers an extra 5 strains of clostridia.

Why would I change?

Simply, your valuable calves get more protection by using Covexin10 and you are therefore less likely to have sudden deaths occur. We’ve all had or heard of the random, well-grown calf that drops dead suddenly. This small extra cost is easily justified.

Yes I want to try it, what do I have to do?

Calves need two shots of Covexin10. The booster shot should be around 4-6 weeks after the first. They will also need two shots of Lepto 3 way- to supply the Lepto coverage. 

Covexin10 can be used in calves from 2 weeks of age.

How would it work?

We can give the first shot at disbudding (calves need to be a minimum of 2 weeks of age).

You give a booster of Covexin10 (4-6 weeks after the first shot) which may coincide with the first Lepto.

You then give the 2nd shots of Lepto 4-6 weeks after the first.

If you’re interested or want to know more information, contact your KeyVet. You can book this service with your routine disbudding booking. We can also organise to send you a reminder for when boosters are due

- Sunita McGrath


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