Regular Weighing of Youngstock

weighing young stock

Think it's extra work? We can do it when you have the animals in the yards for other health treatments. And with mobile scales, we can come to you.

Data. Love it or hate it, it’s vital for knowing how your farm operates, how your animals are and areas you can improve.

Regular weighing of your youngstock allows you to understand your animals at a crucial stage of their development. Calves are the future of every herd, achieving live weight gains and maintaining monthly targets are essential. Focusing on this stage can help your animals become good milk producers and maximise lifetime productivity when they finally enter the milking shed.

Weighing monthly with Weigh It Up gives farmers the benefit of gathering all the information possible. This includes individual and mob weights and daily weight gains. This can all be done at the same time as animal health treatments like drenching, copper bulleting, injecting etc. No point yarding the animals twice right? We think the same.

All weights can be uploaded to MINDA directly, a summary email is sent with results and MINDA graphs showing where the calves are sitting on the target line and the percentage of animals in the ideal or above weight range.

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