Are your hinds hitting in-calf targets?

Check out your scanning options to get valuable information for the season ahead.

Just as with sheep and cattle, scanning your hinds can give you valuable information for the season ahead and also allow for some short-term decisions to be made.

Ideally, you are aiming for a 99% in-calf rate for mixed-age hinds, and at least 95% for two year-olds. If you are not hitting these targets, then it is important to look into your mating plan, trace elements and hind condition. Having a discussion with your vet will also be hugely valuable.

With any empty hinds, a decision needs to be made to cull or carry over. If you decide to cull, then it is a great chance to check for copper reserves in their livers (via a Mineral Check through your supplier). If these results come back low, then copper supplementation before fawning will be beneficial to both hind and fawn.

Scanning options

There are two different types of scanning that can be performed:

1. A foetal age scan. 

This will identify the age of the foetus and can be important if AI was used, followed by back-up stags. It also means you can separate hinds into calving mobs and preferentially feed according to their calving date. The best time for foetal aging is between 40-60 days after conception. 

2. A pregnant/empty scan.

This is done later on and is useful when you want to make culling decisions, or just to ensure that the stags did their job and you’re hitting the above targets. 

The time window is not as critical, as the scanner can look for other signs of pregnancy. The foetus is usually not able to be aged as it is too big to fit in the viewing screen.

How are they scanned?

Scanning is usually done in a pen, but can be done individually in a crush. Rectal or flank ultrasound scanners are the main ways to identify the pregnancy.

If you think hind scanning will enable you to make more informed decisions over the coming months, get in touch with VetSouth early to book this in.


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