Life without drench capsules – it is possible!

Let's break down how to get the same coverage without the capsule.

Long-acting drench capsules have been part of sheep farming history on some southern farms, and now we face a future without them. 

Some drench capsules are currently under review and we expect this to take some time. But, don’t despair - this change may save your bacon when it comes to drench resistance!

There is no doubt that providing parasite control for 100 days during lambing and lactation supports ewes to make more milk, maintain their condition and grow bigger lambs. However, we can break down the capsule components to see what other options are available:


Drench capsules contain sustained selenium supplementation. If your ewes are low/marginal in selenium, this supplement will have shown huge benefits. However, we can still supplement in a sustained way using a SelovinLA injection.


Sustained vitamin B12 was also supplied in drench capsules. The positive benefits to this for adult stock are potentially minimal and many animals won't have shown any production benefit from this addition. However, if you feel that it is important to your stock, this can be covered using SmartShot B12, or SmartShot B12 + Se (the selenium in this is long-acting).


Moxidectin is the only long-acting drench active that can give extended parasite control like a capsule. If you have done a drench test on moxidectin and found it to be effective, you could consider using the long-acting injection, Exodus LA. If you haven’t tested, you may still have time to – contact us ASAP.

We should always exercise caution around the use of this product and we would love to discuss with you how to put some support around it to ensure it does not increase your risk of drench resistance. 

(Moxidectin has the same mode of action/resistance as abamectin, which is a component of many oral combination drenches, hence why we need to protect its use).

Alternative strategies

Alternatively, and essentially, we need to be looking at other ways to support our ewe flock.

Ewe condition and feeding throughout the year will be the way forward to have less reliance on drenches. The money put into drenches could cover feed costs that have a big impact on Body Condition Score (BCS) in preparation for the winter. 

Fat and protein on the body provide the buffer we need for all animal health and production parameters, including managing parasites.


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