Regular grooming helps keep your dog in tip-top shape!

The VetSouth Tapanui team is now offering a dog clipping service for your furry friends.  

No matter the weather, our furry friends love to get outside, have some fun and make an absolute mess of themselves (and the garden)!  

As a responsible pet owner, our matted and unruly-haired companions need our help to manage their coats. Well maintained coats provide numerous benefits for our animals’ health, comfort and overall wellbeing.  

Clipping is required for several breeds of dogs for many reasons: 

  • Temperature control 

Dogs with thick or long coats may struggle with heat regulation, especially in warmer weather. Regular clipping can improve airflow, enabling them to regulate their body temperature effectively. It’s like taking off a winter coat on a hot summer’s day! 

  • Healthy coat  

A lustrous coat is a sign of a healthy dog, but maintaining it takes more than just the occasional brushing. Almost all dogs can suffer from matting, tangling and excessive shedding. Regular grooming removes loose hair, distributes natural oils and leaves the coat clean – reducing the risk of skin irritation and infections. 

  • Preventing eye and ear irritation 

For breeds with fluffy faces, regular clipping around the eyes is essential to ensure good vision and comfort. Similarly, dogs with floppy ears (such as our spaniels) benefit from regular clipping around the ears to enhance airflow and reduce the risk of ear infections caused by trapped moisture and debris. 

  • Barley grass season 

Barley grass seeds can be a problem for dogs. With its sharp awns, barley grass easily becomes embedded in their coat, leading to discomfort, irritation and infection within the skin, if left to burrow in. Breeds with longer coats, particularly around the feet and underarms, are particularly vulnerable. 

Regular clipping and ‘barley grass clips’ not only keep their fur tidy, but also minimise the chances of these pesky seeds embedding themselves. Shorter fur means fewer hiding spots for those prickly invaders! 

Dog clipping now available at VetSouth Tapanui! 

Dog clipping is not just about aesthetics, it is about keeping the dogs we love happy and healthy. By taking some time to look after their coat, we can ensure that they thrive in every season! 

For your convenience, our experienced team at VetSouth Tapanui can now cater to the grooming needs of well-behaved dogs, of all shapes and sizes, without sedation. This service is designed to provide a stress-free experience for your dog, leaving them looking and feeling fabulous.  

“We understand the importance of maintaining a well-groomed pet and our service aims to deliver exceptional results that leave both dogs and their owners delighted,” says Tapanui Vet Nurse, Pam Gilder. 

Clipping and grooming services are available at our Tapanui clinic on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. Please call the clinic on 03 209 0865 to make an appointment.  


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