VetSouth in Samoa

At the end of 2023, one of Winton’s Small Animal Vets, Liz Flatt, made the journey to Samoa to donate an X-Ray machine and 21kg worth of luggage, consisting of medicines and donatable pet items, to the Animal Protection Society Samoa (APS) - a not-for-profit animal health and welfare organisation providing veterinary services, primarily for dogs and cats. 

The donations were a combined effort from staff and teams across our VetSouth clinics, with the Winton clinic providing the APS with its first ever X-ray machine, along with a stand, plates, monitor and processor.

Previously, the APS, which is the only vet clinic on the island, has had to make educated guesses where X-rays were warranted, or squeeze animals into the (already busy) human hospital's radiology schedule!

During her visit, Liz, along with former VetSouth employee Agnes Meredith, were also able to desex between 40-50 pets. Over half of these were females and over half of those were on heat or pregnant.

The standard of care is a bit different to what we are used to in New Zealand, but the end results were successful, with desexed critters and happy owners!

This donation of time and equipment was no mean feat. It was a team effort and involved a few late nights. Winton vet nurse, Jeni Watts, was not only the driving force behind the X-ray machine donation, but also helped Liz to pack till 2:30am the night before her flight, while Liz was dealing with after-hour emergencies!

We are so pleased to have been able to support this great organisation in Samoa and Liz had a great time working with them during her visit. The APS has extended their warmest and deepest gratitude for our generosity.


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