Age scanning your beef herd

Use early aged scans to get accurate calving dates and make informed decisions for your herd.

It's beef scanning time again and worth considering age scanning your herd. Knowing accurate calving dates enables you to make informed decisions around wintering and grazing management. 

When to scan

To get the most accurate aged scan results, it is best to scan your cows at 50-80 days pregnant. This may mean you need to do two aged scans. 

If this is not possible, then we can come and do a simple yes/no pregnancy scan 45 days or more after the bull has been removed.

Other benefits of scanning beefies

  • Detection of twins

  • Detection of abortions/fertility concerns

  • Analysis of bull performance

  • More information for culling decisions

  • Ability to sell in-calf cattle

  • More control over the feed budget

  • Lets not forget the top quality conversation we can bring to the call!

Tag on some extra yard jobs

Scanning is also a great opportunity to tag on some extra animal health jobs while the cows are in the yards, such as:

  • Body condition scoring

  • Blood testing for BVD and/or trace elements

  • Trace element supplementation

  • Dehorning those niggly few horned animals.

We can do our best to work around TB testing, drenching, and vaccinating too - just let us know when booking us in.


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