OviGOLD: Revamping our sheep farmer partnership programme

It’s a challenging time for sheep farmers. Let’s work together to get the most out of your flock.

With lamb (and cull ewe) prices disappointingly low this season, keeping your animals as healthy, fertile and productive as possible is more important than ever.

After discussion with our clients, we have optimised our OviGOLD partnership programme for sheep farmers to ensure we are focusing on what is most important to you.

What is OviGOLD? 

OviGOLD is our flagship partner programme for sheep (and beef) farmers. We want to understand your farming business and work with you to get the most out of your stock through regular animal health reviews, testing and targeted treatment plans.

Here are the key inclusions of the new and improved OviGOLD programme:

Selenium testing

Are your ewes scanning well and staying healthy and robust? Are you concerned your rams aren’t looking as good as you would like? We can test one group of 5 animals each year to check their levels of this key trace element. This will be done at Ram Run so you get timely information before mating.

FEC tests

Is your drench working properly? Worried your lambs aren’t ‘doing’? We can do faecal egg counts on 10 samples at 3 key points of the year to help with your parasite management programme. 

We will send you reminders and get you to drop your samples off in-clinic, or your local delivery driver can collect them when they are going past. 

Below are our suggested times to do some FEC testing, especially for those who haven’t done any before, but this is totally flexible. Feel free to test whenever suits your farming system!

  • December/January: Drench check

  • March/April: Drench check

  • March/April: Two-tooth pre-tup check

Ram palpations

Are your boys up to the job each year? Let's give your most valuable sheep a once-over to protect your next lamb drop and make the most of your selected genetics. Includes 30 ram palpations during our annual Ram Run.

Regular check-ins with your KeyVet

This is a partner programme, so let’s catch up throughout the year for a yarn so we can understand how you're tracking and make sure you are getting the most out of OviGOLD. Your KeyVet will call you at key times for a chat and to remind you about some important things coming up.

Annual Farm RVM Consult

Let’s get all your restricted veterinary medicines for the year ahead organised, so you can get your supplies when you need them! This is also a great opportunity to meet with your KeyVet to discuss your farm production and any animal health issues you may be experiencing.

Animal Health Plan update

Is your regular calendar of animal health actions still working for you, or does it need a few tweaks? A lot can change in a year, so we can work together to keep your plan fit-for-purpose. Any AHP will also be compliant for the Farm Assurance Programme.

Product discounts: 5, 6, 7!

As well as offering the above testing and regular engagement between us and our farmers, members of OviGOLD also get some pretty cool discounts*:

  • 5% off sheep & cattle oral drenches, 5-in-1 vaccines and non-prescription trace elements

  • 6% off all sheep and beef vet fees

  • 7% off prescription trace elements, vaccines and antibiotics.

*Exclusions apply, please ask for more details.

Optional extras

If you think you would benefit from some other testing, advice, or vet services, talk to us about optional add-ons to suit your farming business (and save 6% on the vet fees*)!

Optional add-ons could include (but are not limited to) tests and advice relating to:

  • Your initial Animal Health Plan

  • Trace element testing

  • Extra FEC testing (25% off further single FEC tests or 40% off FEC bundle of 5)

  • Parasite management

  • Lamb death investigation

  • Ewe post mortems

  • Ram vasectomies and additional palpations.

If you are keen to find out more about OviGOLD, give your KeyVet or local clinic a call, or, come chat to us at site A8 at the Waimumu Field Days!


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