It's Toxo Time!

Toxoplasmosis is said to be present on 100% of farms in NZ, so vaccination is key!

Summer is upon us and, while it would be nice to forget about lambing for a while, now is the time to start planning ahead for the next one!

As you are no doubt aware, toxoplasmosis and campylobacter are widespread and can have a significant impact on your lamb drop.

In fact, toxo is said to be present on 100% of farms in NZ*, so vaccination is key!

Quick facts about toxo

  • It is a protozoal infection spread in cat faeces;

  • It can cause abortion storms in unvaccinated mobs;

  • A ewe can abort 2 foetuses in what appear to be different stages of developement;

  • Usually the ewe is unaffected.

Quick facts about the vaccine

  • It only has a 10 day shelf life;

  • Orders for the vaccine need to be in 4 weeks prior to when it is needed;

  • Your order will be ready to pick up on a Wednesday;

  • Correct storage of the vaccine is between 2-8℃;

  • It is a live vaccine so take care not to inject yourself!

  • Once mixed, the vaccine must be used within 2 hours!


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