Youngstock and minerals

Are your animals getting the right trace elements to support healthy growth rates, immune systems and fertility?

Our livestock progeny is always a priority. Ensuring they are in tip-top shape to allow for optimal growth is critical to having them become successful members of the herd in the future.

In most areas of New Zealand, soils do not contain enough key trace elements to provide an adequate supply to stock. If additional supplementation is not given, this can not only affect growth rates, but also your animals' immune systems and fertility.

To ensure your youngstock are on the track to success, best practice is to start with a blood test or liver samples to see what the current mineral status is of the animal. From there, your KeyVet will support you in making a plan for mineral supplementation, taking into consideration the current mineral status, what they are being fed and farm fertiliser history.

The role of trace elements

Trace elements all have specific roles and requirements in stock, with the most vital elements being selenium, zinc and copper, followed by cobalt and iodine. 

These micronutrients have antioxidant values that are beneficial to animal health and they are linked together in how they work in the body. So, even being deficient in just one element can upset an animal's health and performance.

Which products are right for my farm?

We have a range of products that your vet can recommend to cater to your animals' needs. When youngstock are being drenched regularly, short-acting minerals can be a good option, such as Selovin 5 or Prolaject B12.

Intermediate options, such as Multimin (zinc, manganese, copper and selenium) or copper injections can be given at longer intervals. 

Then there are long-acting products, that can provide supplementation for 6+ months. Some of these products can last up to 12 months, however, if we are doing our jobs right, the youngstock will ‘grow out’ of them as they increase in weight, hence they are required more frequently. 

Long-acting products include Selovin LA, copper capsules, Smartshot (cobalt & selenium) and Flexidine (iodine). It's important we are dosing to the heaviest live weight of the mob to ensure enough mineral is supplied.

Set your future herd up for success by ensuring your youngstock are in optimal growing condition.


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