Is ketosis robbing your herd?

The silent impact on in-calf rates. 

One of the most widespread diseases preventing cows getting in calf in New Zealand is subclinical ketosis. There is no doubt it is impacting farms across our region, with 75% of cows within our herds falling victim in spring*.

Subclinical ketosis is a ‘silent disease’ that cannot be seen visually but quietly exists, robbing cows of energy and compromising their performance and health.

Recent NZ studies of subclinical ketosis revealed a staggering 7% reduction in 6-week in-calf rates**.

Through working with our clients, we are aware, first-hand, of the effects of subclinical ketosis.

Although good feed management and achieving optimum body condition scores can help, more farmers are turning to Rumenox to avoid ketosis so cows are better able to get in calf.

Administering through water or feed at calving to the end of mating is recommended. Rumenox is, however, also widely used throughout full lactation for controlling pasture bloat and increasing milk protein production.

*Data from 2016 DairyNZ and Lincoln University Dairy Farm study

**Study by Compton et al

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