Improving cow fertility with MULTIMIN

How can MULTIMIN improve your results?

The pioneer multiple trace element injection in New Zealand, MULTIMIN is a unique concept of supplementation for cattle, used by farmers throughout the country.

  • Contains copper, selenium, zinc and manganese for immune support.

  • Chelated formulation that is safe and tissue friendly.

  • Absorbed into blood within 8 hours and transferred to the liver within 24 hours.

  • Scientifically proven in New Zealand conditions to enhance reproductive performance.

Supplementing herds with trace elements

Most farmers have well managed trace element programmes, which work well for the majority of the year. 

However, there are times when the requirements for trace elements rapidly increase, often coinciding with reduced feed intake. When this occurs, even well supplemented herds can temporarily dip into a slight deficiency. 

These periods of high demand often lead to higher levels of disease and, sometimes, short-term drops in production, growth or fertility. Calving and mating are good examples of high-stress periods where demand increases.

The role of trace elements in fertility

The reproductive system also uses many trace elements, with some of the roles only recently being discovered. For example, manganese protects the developing egg within the ovary, zinc helps to produce a healthy uterine lining and selenium is important for protecting a growing embryo.

Supported by science

In a New Zealand study* cows were given 5ml of MULTIMIN 4 weeks prior to calving, and again 4 weeks prior to mating. There were 2,168 cows involved in the study across 6 herds, all of which had sufficient trace element levels and continued to use their usual oral supplementation. 

There was a significant difference in final in-calf rates, with a 3.3% higher ICR in the MULTIMIN group overall. 

Recorded pregnancy losses in the MULTIMIN group were less than the control group (13 vs 25), and on average, cows conceived 3.4 days earlier.

Why an injection?

Oral supplementation can be very effective for maintenance, but absorption through the gut can be slow and complicated by interference from other elements in the diet. 

MULTIMIN provides rapid, targeted and sustained increases in trace element levels prior to high demand periods, such as calving and mating.

When and how to use MULTIMIN

MULTIMIN should be administered to herds four weeks before mating and calving, and to bulls 12 weeks before joining the herd. 

It is administered as a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection at:

  •  1ml/50kg in young cattle (up to 12 months)

  •  1ml/75kg in yearlings (1–2 years) 

  •  1 ml/100kg in adult cattle (>2 years). 

MULTIMIN has nil meat and milk withholding periods.

To learn more, including the benefits of using MULTIMIN in calves, beef cattle and deer, visit performanceready.co.nz and ask your KeyVet.

*D. Hawkins. (2007) The Effect of Injectable Trace Elements (MULTIMIN) on Health & Reproduction Parameters in NZ Dairy Herds. DCV Newsletter March 2007. Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A9374.


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