Hate that feeling of food stuck in your teeth? So does your horse!

Just like us, horses can have gaps in their teeth and, just like us, food can get stuck in them! 

It is so important for horses to have a complete, sedated oral examination at least once a year to identify problems and remove any nasty, smelly grass or feed that has gotten stuck.

Why? When food is left stuck between your horse’s teeth, known as diastema, it packs in over time and creates painful pressure on their gums. It also acts as a great breeding ground for bacteria!  

Once the gap is cleared and cleaned, we can see the damage on your horse’s gum. More often than not, this goes deeper than we can see and often causes problems with the root system. X-rays can help us to determine the extent of the problem and help us to decide if further treatment or a tooth extraction is required. 

Is sedation necessary?

Sedation minimises the stress on your horse and gives us time to provide a thorough dental and oral check.

Luckily for this guy, his front tooth has been cleared of grass and, with regular checks and at-home flushing, this painful, damaged area can be taken care of.


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