Value of a KeyVet

You may often see us refer to the term "KeyVet" here at VetSouth, but what exactly does that mean? 

What is a KeyVet team?

Our team is made up of specific vets, technicians and support staff who are your main points of contact. We believe that dealing with the same team helps us to build a “whole farm picture” and provides you with a better service. 

We want to get to know you, your staff, your animals and your goals and help you develop systems to achieve them.

You have direct access to our team by mobile phone, but please still ring the clinic phone to book in visits, or for after hours emergencies (emergency calls might be attended by other vets so we can get to you as quickly as possible).

The benefits of a KeyVet consult

During the year, we will get together with you to discuss the season and put in place an animal health plan to achieve your goals. This is a time when you have the full attention of your vet, focused on you and your farm. Within this consultation, we can:

  • Schedule routine events (with reminders closer to the date);

  • Prescribe your Restricted Veterinary Medicines (RVMs);

  • Offer advice or alternative treatments;

  • Analyse your expenditure on animal health to see how you are performing and compare to industry benchmarks and other local performance.

Having a KeyVet consult is not anything scary or stressful, it's quite the opposite. These one-on-one meetings unable us all to establish goals and identify problem areas we can work on together.

Can you improve further?

Our goals are aligned with yours. People find it fascinating that as vets we are actually trying to reduce your vet bill. Through implementing an effective animal health plan, our goal is to reduce your overall animal health spend. With the right advice and treatments at the right time, let us help you to achieve your animal health and production goals.

- Gillian Swinton


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