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Flea survey results!

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Oliver Young


25 September 2019

Check out the results of our 2018/19 survey on flea prevalence in Southland.



What we can confirm:

  • This survey has shown that Southland has a significant flea problem.
  • The flea numbers increased through summer as expected. 
  • ​Nearly 1 in 6 animals had fleas or dirt present.
  • Some clients are using flea powders and shampoos, these are short acting and often no longer effective.

What we we recommend:

  • Consider using a long acting flea control like Bravecto.
  • 6 month treatments will ensure treatment throughout the warmer months.
  • Treatment in the spring (Sept/October) with a long acting product like Bravecto on all your dogs and cats will result in good flea control throughout the warmer summer months.



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