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Pre-mating checklist

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Claire Hunter


25 September 2020

Use this handy checklist to make sure you don't miss anything this season.

Yearling heifers

  • Trace element testing and supplementation (esp copper and selenium)
  • Drench
  • BVD screening
  • BVD vaccination
  • Weigh (should be 60% of mature liveweight at 15 months)
  • Organise bulls (consider numbers, breed, age, source)
  • If AI'ing
    • Is synchrony plan required/organised?
    • AI tech organised
    • Semen ordered
    • Heat detection aids (scratched or tail paint etc)


  • Start pre-mating heat detection 35 days prior to PSM - approx 25th Sept for 1st Nov PSM
  • Pre-mating trace element testing
  • Bulk milk BVD screening
  • BVD vaccination
  • BCS herd 4-5 weeks pre-mate – once a day milk or preferential feeding for at risk groups
  • Final metrichecking (metricheck every 2-3 weeks throughout calving for best results)
  • Strategic drench for herd (Eprinex data shows improved repro performance => more days in milk next season)
  • Repro catch-up with Keyvet to discuss mating plan


  • M. bovis risk assessment on source farm
  • BVD test
  • BVD vaccinate
  • Trace element supplementation (especially copper and selenium)
  • Quarantine drench as they arrive on farm – especially young bulls
  • Physical soundness check as bulls arrive off the truck (BCS, lameness, injuries, signs of illness)
  • Semen test
  • Ensure adequate numbers purchased
    • Minimum of 1:30 with herd based on what is left to get in-calf after the end of AI, double this number to allow for half resting half working policy, plus spares! Don’t skimp!
    • Minimum of 1:20 with yearling heifers, 1:10-15 after a synchro program
  • Avoid transporting long distances within 6 weeks of mating

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